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The Eye of The Beholder is an RPG game using a DIY controller that emphasizes using hand gestures to involve the player in interactive dialogue and engaging combat.

Install instructions

1. Download the Marker Printout PDF and follow the instructions in this video...

2.  Download the Gameplay Instructions PDF for more info on how to play and what each spell does

3. Download and launch The Eye of The Beholder.zip. Then, download and launch Webcam Setup.exe. When launched it will load a webcam with a grid overlay. Resize the webcam window to fit in the box at the upper right corner of the game that says "Place Webcam Here." 


- If the webcam is not displaying properly, make sure no other apps are also using your webcam.

- If you are showing the markers to the webcam and the game isn't responding, click on the game window. Then, try using your controller and it should work  :) 

- Github: https://github.com/peow2373/The-Eye-of-the-Beholder 

Gameplay Walkthrough - 


The Eye of The Beholder.zip 59 MB
Marker Printout.pdf 118 kB
Gameplay Instructions.pdf 534 kB
Webcam Setup.exe 82 MB


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Cool project and top-notch itch page! Congrats on completing this, it is an awesome accomplishment especially with using an entirely bespoke software library like Beholder.